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Memorial Locater

We proudly use the Memorial Locator to list information about all War Dog Memorials. If you know of a War Dog Memorial or monument that is not listed, we would like to list it here.  Please contact the webmaster to share this information.

Memorials are listed in descending order (Newest to Oldest - Top to Bottom), according to the date they were Dedicated.

King, North Carolina War Dog Memorial - King, NC

Dedicated: 11/11/2013Sculptor: Cody McBrideDedicated to the Military Dog who was truly a soldier's best friend.Read More >>

SOF K9 Memorial - Fayetteville, NC

Dedicated: 07/27/2013Sculptor: Lena ToritchTo memorialize the bravery and dedication of the special operations K-9 Soldier.Read More >>

Faithful Partner - Guardian of the Night - Eglin Air Force Base in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

Dedicated: 08/01/2009Sculptor: Susan BaharyTo honor and Remember all Handlers and their faithful K-9 partners for their service and sacrifice.Read More >>

Moberly War Dog Memorial - Moberly, Missouri

Dedicated: 05/12/2009Sculptor: All MWD's and Handlers.

Ft. Benton War Dogs Memorial - Ft. Benton, Montana

Dedicated: 11/11/2008Sculptor: Ron Saville and George ConklinAll the Military Working Dogs that served in Southeast Asia and left to their fate.Read More >>

Alabama War Dog Memorial - Mobile, Alabama

Dedicated: 11/11/2008Sculptor: Clark Memorials - Birmingham, AlabamaAll Eras and Services - Alabama. November 11, 2008Read More >>

Eisenhower Park - Long Island, New York

Dedicated: 05/31/2008Sculptor: All Eras and Services

Nemo - Lackland AFB, Texas

Dedicated: 11/09/2006Sculptor: NWDHM CommitteeVietnam and Nemo-A534

War Dog Memorial - In the Heritage Rail Trail County Park near King Street, York, PA

Dedicated: 11/01/2006Sculptor: Lorann JacobsTo Honor & Remember Pal of the USMC Devil Dog Unit Read More >>

Bristol Township - Pennsylvania

Dedicated: 09/16/2006Sculptor: Joseph PavoneAll Eras and Services

Holmdel - New Jersey

Dedicated: 07/01/2006Sculptor: Bruce LindsayAll Eras and Services

Smoky - Yorkie Doodle Dandy - Cleveland Metroparks, Rocky River Reservation, Ohio

Dedicated: 11/11/2005Sculptor: Susan BaharyDedicated to Dogs of all WarsRead More >>

Fishkill WDM - Fishkill, New York

Dedicated: 04/27/2005Sculptor: Dedicated to Forgotten War Dogs of all WarsRead More >>

Staten Island - New York

Dedicated: 10/29/2004Sculptor: Robert FloodAll Eras and Services

Cincinatti - Ohio

Dedicated: 04/17/2004Sculptor: Sharon BrowningVietnam Dogs of War Monument

Camp Pendelton War Dog Memorial - Camp Pendelton, California

Dedicated: 08/15/2003Sculptor: USMC Working Dogs

Sedalia War Dog Memorial - Sedalia, Missouri

Dedicated: 05/17/2003Sculptor: Barry Walter & Dick KrausAll Eras and ServicesRead More >>

Wildlife Prairie Park - Peoria, Illinois

Dedicated: 05/01/2003Sculptor: Erin MallonAll Eras and Services

Maxwell AFB - Gunter Annex - Montgomery, Alabama

Dedicated: 11/09/2002Sculptor: Air Force Enlisted - Heritage HallVietnam Era and Military Working DogsRead More >>

Barrington War Dog Memorial - Barrington, NH

Dedicated: 06/22/2002Sculptor: UnknownAll Eras and Services

Streamwood - Streamwood, Illinois

Dedicated: 05/27/2001Sculptor: Anthony QuickleAll Eras and Services

Port Neches - Texas

Dedicated: 11/01/2000Sculptor: Doug ClarkVietnam - All Services

Fairchild AFB - Washington

Dedicated: 06/01/2000Sculptor: All Eras and Services

Riverside & Ft. Benning - California & Georgia

Dedicated: 02/01/2000Sculptor: A. Thomas SchombergAll Eras and Services

Always Faithful - United States Marine Corps War Dog Cemetery in Guam

Dedicated: 07/21/1994Sculptor: Susan BaharyDedicated to the courageous Doberman Pinschers that served in the Pacific during WWII.Read More >>

Canine Veterans World War II Memorial - Methuen, MA Pet Cemetary

Dedicated: 01/01/1952Sculptor: To honor and Remember War Dogs for their service and sacrifice during WWII.Read More >>

War Dog Memorial - Lyon Twp. Michigan

Dedicated: 04/06/1946Sculptor: AmVets-Post 2006 took the lead, Several VSO's followed.To Honor and Remember All War Dogs WWI to Present Day. Read More >>

Hartsdale - New York

Dedicated: 10/01/1923Sculptor: UnknownWorld War I - All Services Read More >>

Irish Brigade Monument - Gettysburg, PA

Dedicated: 01/01/1905Sculptor: W. R. O'DonovanIrish Brigade Monument dedicated in 1888.Read More >>

Gettysburg Battlefield - Gettysburg, PA

Dedicated: 12/13/1901Sculptor: E. A. KretschmanBattle of Gettysburg