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Vietnam Dog Handler Association

All VDHA Memberships include a membership card, a bi-monthly issue of Dogman newsletter, access to past newsletters and articles, an optional listing in the VDHA member directory, and a directory of over 1600 veteran dog handlers!

Lifetime memberships cost $250. Annual memberships cost $20/year. Proof of a Military Service Connected Disability must be provided, and reduces Membership Dues by that % for all Veteran Dog Handlers, but reduction of dues does NOT apply to Associate Members.  Veterans Disability of 80% or More for Veteran Dog Handlers Pay NOTHING.  (Disability Documentation required is Veterans Administration Disability Rating.) WWII Veteran Dog Handlers and Korean War Veteran Dog Handlers Pay NO Dues.

A Veteran Dog Handler

VDHA membership is open to veterans of all branches of the Armed Services, including active duty personnel. Qualification is reserved for those that have served in time of war/conflict/peacekeeping missions as an official War Dog Handler/Military Working Dog Handler, Combat Tracker, Veterinarian, or Veterinary Technician, War Dog Platoon Leader, or War Dog Trainer.

An Associate Member

VDHA associate membership is open to any dog loving person (any age and gender) who is interested in supporting our mission.