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Breaking News.  On the front page of our website, on the right hand side about half way down, is an area for making a donation to the VDHA.  Just click on the PayPal logo and you will be transferred to the magical land of giving.  It is easy to do.  The way I know this, is I made a donation myself.  Donate in memory of your dog, or a buddy you served with, or a cherished friend you have lost.  You can give every day if you choose?  If you are a visitor to our website please consider helping the VDHA continue our work.  The VDHA does not pay it's officers, nor do we have a fancy office.  What the VDHA does have, is a committed membership that is trying to remember our four footed buddies in any way we can. 

John Langley





On March 13th, I was honored to represent the VDHA and VSPA at the 2014 K9 Veterans Day Ceremony in Mahway, NJ's Police Academy.  There were about 300 in attendance.  They allowed me to set up a display table and also sell my book, 'Poems From a Soldier'.  I spoke to various groups of people, Girls Scouts, Boy Scouts , etc.  At the ceremony I was asked to give the benediction at the end.  As I approached the podium they put a picture of me and old Kobuc-X433 on the overhead.  It was a very moving moment but I was able to get through it.  There were many various k9 groups there and dignitaries.  It was a great day!



Chaplain Steve Janke




The VDHA was organized in 1993 by a group of six veteran war dog handlers that served during the Vietnam Conflict. One of their original goals was to search for and re-unite veteran war dog handlers and honor the memory of their war dog partners.


As a result, the VDHA has grown from six members to approximately 2000 members. Our membership consists of veteran war dog handlers and dog loving supporters of all ages and gender.

Many members have been featured in the print and film media, and during many of our nation's annually scheduled patriotic events. A significant achievement is the highly acclaimed TV documentary, "War Dogs, America's Forgotten Heroes."  We welcome the informational contributions of all dog handlers from all eras.

The VDHA was founded with three core objectives in mind:
• Educate the public of the accomplishments of dog handlers in the United States Armed Forces during the Vietnam Conflict and the dogs that served with them.
• Provide opportunities for the research and preparation of a detailed history of the use of dogs in the Vietnam Conflict.
• Locate and provide fellowship among dog handlers of all US Armed Services.


The VDHA continues to be a part of war dog memorial projects throughout the country. Some have since been dedicated and more are on the horizon.

Getting the US Postal Service to issue a War Dog Stamp that honors the service and sacrifice of the nation's war dogs is one of our goals.

Educating the public on what these incredible four-footed animals have done to save American lives on the battlefields of foreign Wars is always in the forefront of every effort we support or sponsor.

During every modern War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, men have volunteered to serve as "Dog Handlers." The military duty of having served with a dog in War is a bonding relationship and memorable experience like no other, that lasts a lifetime.

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Sometime in my stay in Vietnam in 1970, on one of my field trips, I had just returned to the fire-base, working for 4 or 5 days in the bush, and was dirty and tired, as was my dog Duke-6X51.  A fire-base ain't the place ya wanna spend too much time on, so I checked with one of my Black Hat friends (the guys that that got me many a bird flight out) for a ride back to the rear.  He said that the last bird out was full.  Now us dog handlers had many bumping privileges but the flight was full.  A Chaplain that was on the fire-base for the day, came to me and said to take his spot.  He spent the night on that stinkin' fire-base.  I'm not a religious man but, Thanks "Padre"!!!

Michael 'Huggieboy' Hughes
25th IPSD - 1970


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