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If you are trying to view a Dogman Issue, use the Message Board, view Articles or perform some other operation, and you were automatically forwarded to this web-page, then you are probably not logged in to the Member Area!


If you visited this page by choice, you can confirm you are logged in, by checking above the first paragraph of this message for your first name.

If "Welcome (name)" exists, then you ARE logged in to the Member Area.


In order to login to the Member Area, your VDHA membership dues must be up to date. As an "Active" paid up member, you have access to Dogman Newsletters, Articles and Stories, the Message Board, Advanced Search, and the ability to update your own profile and records.


Login using your Member Number and your Password. (To get your Member Number and your Password, press HERE , then enter your e-mail address that is in our data base.)


Enter the Member Login area and Select your Option from the "Member Area" Pull-down Menu or Buttons across the top of the page.


To become a new member, please click HERE to REGISTER for an ACCOUNT.




To Retrieve your Member Number and Password, please click HERE.