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Official DoD MWD Adoption Website


1. Effective 8 April 2008, the DoD Military Working Dog School, 341st Training Squadron, has gone global! We are on-line and running with our official public website supporting the MWD adoptions program. Check us out at Our website supports the Robby Law Adoption Program which gives priority first to civilian law enforcement agencies, then prior handlers and finally to the general public.


2. MWDs must first be declared excess by the Executive Agent and must pass suitability testing before they can be listed. Once this is accomplished we encourage all our joint service field units with adoptable MWDs to submit their basic information, a digital photo and the location of the MWD and we will list them on the website.


3. If you are interested in participating contact my POC, Ms. Barbara Stadts, DSN: 473-5874, Commercial (210) 671-5874 or via email at We are confident you will find this website useful in finding permanent homes for our adoptable MWDs.


Click HERE to go to the Official DoD MWD Adoption Website.