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James (Ritzo) Ritz Jr. - Inactive
Dog(s) :CANDY - 1A68
Branch: USMC
Unit(s): Marine Scout Dog
War(s): Vietnam
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Forty years ago I met some of the greatest guys in the world. I have always kept their spirit with me knowing full well that I would never, in this life time, meet a better bunch of guys known as Marine Corps Scout Dog Handlers. I'm 62 now and still in good shape. When 9/11 happened I was delivering mail in downtown Trenton, NJ. I walked into the recruters office and asked if I could go back in the Marines. He looked at my Marine Corps insignia on a golden chain around my neck and said, "Viet Name era." I said, "Yes, and I still qualify expert with a weapon." He wouldn't take me. I cried that day and many days later. I know you guys were thinking the same thing. Too bad we couldn't start our own Black Water Security Company. We would be good at it. Semper Fi I think of you always......Ritzo